Pricey Xbox One Elite controller is officially in short supply

Microsoft’s pricey, high-end gamepad seems to be flying off of store shelves since it released last week. Many gamers are having a hard time trying to find the new Xbox One Elite controller, the customizable gamepad that retails at a whopping $150, at retailers across the country. Xbox’s own Larry Hryb (Major Nelson) has confirmed via Twitter that a supply shortage on the new controller is indeed in place.

Seeing some questions about Elite Controller availability so let me say this: they are sold out at most retailers around the world. More Elite Controllers are arriving each week, but supplies may be limited until early Dec.

I’m assuming that Microsoft didn’t expect the controller to sell so quickly due to its hefty price, but apparently Xbox One gamers are quite excited for this controller. The Elite controller is a higher quality variation of the standard Xbox One gamepad that allows gamers to swap different physical button configurations along with adding 4 paddle buttons to the back of the controller. I have personally never seen a controller of this magnitude and am interested in giving it a shot, but with the holidays coming up this controller may be a hard sell to anyone that isn’t a hardcore Xbox One gamer.

Hopefully this controller doesn’t ignite a trend among console manufacturers to create ultra, high-end controllers that may possibly give players with bigger pocketbooks an advantage over other players. We’ll let you all know what we think of the controller as soon as we get hands-on with it. Keep an ear out to the podcast and and eye out on our website for impressions of the controller soon.




Josh Faulkner

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