Batman: Arkham series now available free for Arkham Knight owners on Steam

Last month WB Games promised disappointment Arkham Knight owners the full set of free Arkham games for PC via Steam if they purchased and kept their busted copy of Batman: Arkham Knight. The launch of Arkham Knight on PC is probably one of gaming’s biggest tragedies due to a buggy, incomplete mess of a game hit gamer’s PCs instead of a complete polished version that the console gamers received. After being pulled from the shelf for four months only to return in a still buggy state, WB threw in the towel and just handed out refunds for the game. If you are one of those Arkham Knight PC owners who decided to stick with your copy of the game, check your Steam library now. You should find find free copies of Arkham Asylum: Game of the Year edition, Arkham City: Game of the Year edition, Arkham Origins and Arkham Origins: Blackgate Deluxe sitting in your Steam library.

I guess it’s nice that WB hooked gamers up with free games for not abandoning the game, but most fans will probably own these games already. I have not played Blackgate yet and am excited to so I’ll certainly take it!



Josh Faulkner

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