PC Version of Mortal Kombat X Getting the Cold Shoulder?

It looks like WB Games may be joining Konami as one of the most hated publishers in the gaming industry real soon, at least if you’re a PC gamer. NeverRealm Studios employee and community guru Tyler Lansdown took to the forum of the popular Mortal Kombat community Test Your Might to inform fans that the new Kombat Pack 2 (the new character pack) will not be coming to the PC version of Mortal Kombat X. Also, the currently in beta netcode revamp patch for MKX’s online multiplayer and balancing updates will also not be coming to the PC version either. To top all of this off, it looks like the PC will not receive the Mortal Kombat XL version of the game either, which is basically a ‘Game of the Year’ version of MKX including all downloadable content. In a nutshell, WB Games is putting the screws to PC MKX players.

Similar to what happened with Batman: Arkham Knight, the PC version of Mortal Kombat X also launched in awful condition which took months to repair. Now that the game is finally in a decent state, it looks like WB Games will be abandoning it just like they did with Arkham Knight, leaving PC fans in in the dust. At least Arkham Knight still receives the DLC promised to its season pass customers. All in all just a massive slap in the face to WB’s PC consumers. I think it is safe to say next time we’ll all think twice before purchasing a WB published game on PC again.



Josh Faulkner

Josh is a native Ohio-an who grew up in a small town that had very little for kids to do. As a result, Josh picked up video games at a very young age. Video games played a huge part in his childhood and continued to do so in his adult life. Starting out on an Atari 2600 when he was 3 years old, gaming has sort of grown up alongside with Josh and continues to be his biggest hobby. As an IT technician by day, Josh is an aspiring gaming writer by night who founded a few websites including 16 Bit Heroes and Too Busy Gaming, while also dabbling in retro gaming YouTube videos and live streaming events.