Street Fighter V Day One Patch Includes PS3 Controller Support + New DLC Info

Arcade sticks are pricey and ditching your old fight stick for a new one for another console sure does suck. Luckily, Capcom has your back when it comes to the highly anticipated Street Fighter V on Playstation 4. Capcom has worked some magic and Street Fighter V will support Playstation 3 peripherals such as fight sticks and fight pads via a day one patch. This will save Street Fighter V players from having to break the bank by purchasing all new hardware. Street Fighter V isn’t the first game to accomplish this though; NeverRealm Studio accomplished this in Mortal Kombat X and Capcom made a similar workaround in the PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV too. Unfortunately, no fighting games on Xbox One have this capability. What’s up, Microsoft?!

Also, Capcom will start to release new DLC characters for Street Fighter V monthly starting in March. The first character entering the arena will be Alex, a returning character from the Street Fighter III series. Players can unlock DLC characters using in-game currency or more quickly using real cash, similar to added operators in Rainbow Six: Siege. Seems like developers and publishers are starting trends in DLC that are going into the right direction!

Street Fighter V releases on Playstation 4 and PC on February 16th.



Josh Faulkner

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