Pokemon Sun & Moon Officially Announced for the 3DS Holiday 2016

Nintendo’s Pokemon centric Nintendo Direct episode just concluded by announcing Pokemon Sun & Moon, just as the leaks predicted yesterday. Unfortunately for us, the presentation was only 6 minutes long and gave us no information on the game or any gameplay footage or screenshots. All we know is that the game will release on the Nintendo 3DS this Holiday season. Again, we’re going to assume that this is a new generation Pokemon title with an all-new region, characters and Pokemon but we have yet to confirm this. Hopefully Nintendo will deliver the goods on Pokemon Sun & Moon soon.


The rest of the presentation focused on the history of Pokemon for it’s 20th anniversary along with information on the digital re-releases of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow on the Nintendo E-Shop. Also, it was announced that you can now transfer Pokemon from the Red/Blue/Yellow versions to the Pokemon Bank and convert them into Sun and Moon later this year. That’s pretty cool for those who plan on spending a lot of time revisiting these classic gems on their 3DS this year.

Overall another disappointing Nintendo Direct. You can watch the full presentation below but I wouldn’t bother, honestly.


Josh Faulkner

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