Capcom Addresses the Dirty Rage-Quitters in Street Fighter V

One of the many issues plaguing Street Fighter V since launch is the overwhelming number of “rage-quitters.” Basically, if a ranked opponent is loosing the fight, these dirty rage-quitters will disconnect from the game in order to prevent a loss on their record and lose league points. Not only is this absolutely annoying, but it also prevents the winning player from gaining a win. It seems a lot of Street Fighter V players simply do not want to suck it up and take the loss and the community is raging over this behavior themselves.

Capcom is working on a permanent solution to prevent people from cheating the system and quitting in the middle of a fight to prevent a loss. In the meantime, Capcom has asked the community to share videos as proof that these players are indeed disconnecting in order to avoid a loss. If Capcom receives a legitimate video, they will compare data on their end and determine whether or not the player is indeed cheating the system. So far Capcom has stripped league points away from 30 of the biggest rage-quitting offenders and will continue to keep an eye on these players’ accounts. Apparently, if the behavior continues, Capcom will outright reset their ranked stats and throw them back to square one.

Even though 30 players seem like an extremely low number, at least we can rest knowing Capcom is doing SOMETHING to prevent rage-quitting while they work on a more solid solution. I’m surprised Capcom didn’t think about this prior to launching the game since they want Street Fighter V to become a huge player in the e-sports realm. Competitive play is obviously important and allowing players to cheat the system so easily is sort of a fail on their end.

We look forward to the upcoming patch this month that hopefully makes Street Fighter V a much stronger game.



Josh Faulkner

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