Microsoft Announces Cross-Network Play That’ll Allow Xbox One and Playstation 4 Players to Game Together

It looks like Microsoft will be the first to step in and pave the way for online gaming. During an official announcement from Chris Charla, Microsoft’s director of ID@Xbox, the Redmond tech giant will be introducing Cross-Network Play, a feature for the Xbox One that will allow Xbox Live players to play multiplayer games with players from other consoles and network services, including Playstation Network. Basically, Microsoft is working on bridging the gap between consoles and services so everyone can play together. This means that no longer will you have to fight with your friends to pick up that new hot multiplayer title on the console you’d rather game on.

This is obviously very big news. I believe this is a feature gamers have been asking for since consoles first started connecting online. Given, developers, publishers and Sony themselves will have the option whether or not to utilize this feature in their games, but why wouldn’t they (unless double-dipping is what they’re hoping for)? Psyonix, developer of Rocket League, has already came out showing their support and commitment to make cross-network play happen in Rocket League. I’m sure more developers will follow suit soon.

Fantastic news!



Josh Faulkner

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