Vote For The Gaming Outsider In The 2017 Podcast Awards!

The Podcast Awards nominations are now open, and it’s up to YOU to decide the finalists for this year’s ceremony. Before July 31st, you may cast your vote for us; if you would, we would be eternally grateful.

You can vote ONCE from EACH EMAIL you possess, and voting only takes a minute. We have also included many friends of the podcast below (including Scott’s other podcast, “The Hollywood Outsider”) as suggestions if you want to know who else to vote for in other categories, should you feel the desire.

Visit, check the podcasts you are voting for (The Gaming Outsider is in the “Games & Hobbies” category), complete the short voting form at the bottom, click submit, and check your email for a verification email. That’s it!

***You will need to verify your vote. This is to ensure the legitimacy of your vote***

Thank you all for your time and support, we can’t tell you how much it means to all of us.


Scott, Josh, Zach, and Robby

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Scott Clark

Scott has been a fan of pushing buttons since he was old enough to climb up to his father’s stereo as a toddler. His first console was the Atari 2600 back in the early 80’s, and his passion for the hobby shines through his excitement and wish to share his experiences with anyone who will listen. Scott began his podcasting career with “The Official Thread Podcast”, which was dedicated to news, impressions, and general topics about the subject of video games. That coupled with over four years of experience with “The Hollywood Outsider Podcast” has given him the reputation of being the “every man”, in that he gets along with almost everyone he interacts and also doesn’t speak down to his audience.