Two days left to spend Club Nintendo points

Here’s a friendly reminder from the folks at The Gaming Outsider. Nintendo’s loyalty program Club Nintendo will end its operations on June 30th, which means folks who still have Club Nintendo coins will need to redeem them within the next two days or they will be gone forever. Thankfully, Nintendo has a metric ton of digital games available to snatch up, but unfortunately all of the physical rewards such as messanger bags, t-shirts and 3DS pouches are long gone. It’s sad to see such a cool program close down after 12 years (seven years in North America) of offering Nintendo fans awesome swag and great games to play.

The last few years of Club Nintendo have been a tad disappointing but it was still exciting to receive coins with every game purchase and browse the catalog of rewards looking for something cool. Thank you Club Nintendo for all of the cool rewards you’ve given us throughout the years! What is your favorite Club Nintendo goody that you’ve acquired throughout Club Nintendo’s running time? Let us know by joining our Facebook community and sharing your Club Nintendo memories!