Final Fantasy VII Remake will be split into multiple games

Is Final Fantasy VII Remake going episodic? Maybe not quite episodic but the entire experience will not be included in one package it seems. Gameplay from the highly anticipated remake appeared on-stage at the Playstation Experience event this weekend and Square-Enix revealed some interesting news after the show. According to Square-Enix, Final Fantasy VII Remake will be split into multiple games, each providing a different experience. The release schedules of these multiple versions are still unknown, along with pricing, but they did state that each piece will be as long as a single game. Whether or not these “episodes” are as long as a single game or a single JRPG is still unknown. What are we gauging the length on here? A single player Call of Duty length or a full Ni No Kuni length? Also, Square-Enix revealed that the game will be running on Unreal Engine 4 as well, which explains why the game looks so stunning in motion.

How do you feel about Final Fantasy VII Remake and the game being split into multiple chunks ala Starcraft II? Join our Facebook group and let us know! Watch the new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake below.



Josh Faulkner

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