The Gaming Outsider Podcast – Episode 070: The Legacy of Dead Space

It’s been a long time coming, but our second Legacy episode, which explores a classic game and its impact on us and the industry as whole, is now available for download. In this legacy episode, we reminisce about Electronic Arts’ interstellar horror series Dead Space. The crew discusses what made Dead Space unique, how it helped pull the horror genre out of a lull last generation, and how it stacks up today. We discuss all three games in the trilogy, their strengths, their weaknesses and what made the third game such a bummer. Also, the gang pitches how they feel EA should tackle a fourth game in the series and what they should avoid going further. There are plenty of spoilers about so if you have not played any of the Dead Space games and plan to, be warned that some major plot points will be spoiled during this episode. Grab the episode now using your favorite podcast platform of choice (iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn) or listen right now by pressing play on our embedded media player below. Don’t forget to join the Facebook group to discuss this episode and all of your thoughts on Dead Space as well. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the show!

Show Notes:

(0:00 – 1:29) Welcome/Introduction

(1:30 – 5:08) “Dead Space” General Information

(5:09 – 9:47) Horror in games at the release of “Dead Space”

(9:48 – 13:01) Sound/art design of “Dead Space”

(13:02 – 17:02) Shooting Mechanic Innovations, navigation, kinetic powers

(17:03 – 18:13) Engineering tools as weapons

(18:14 – 24:13) Criticisms of “Dead Space”

(24:14 – 28:37) “WOW” moments of the original “Dead Space”

(28:38 – 37:35) Impressions of “Dead Space 2” and comparison to “Aliens”

(37:36 – 43:48) Impressions of “Dead Space 3”

(43:49 – 53:55) How would we make the next game in the series?

(54:56 – 56:12) Closing



Josh Faulkner

Josh is a native Ohio-an who grew up in a small town that had very little for kids to do. As a result, Josh picked up video games at a very young age. Video games played a huge part in his childhood and continued to do so in his adult life. Starting out on an Atari 2600 when he was 3 years old, gaming has sort of grown up alongside with Josh and continues to be his biggest hobby. As an IT technician by day, Josh is an aspiring gaming writer by night who founded a few websites including 16 Bit Heroes and Too Busy Gaming, while also dabbling in retro gaming YouTube videos and live streaming events.