Slime-San | Nintendo Switch Review

Do you love platformers with a retro feel with a sweet 8-bit style?  Well, have I found the game for you. “Slime-san” was developed by The Fabraz Company and is available through Steam and on the Nintendo Switch.  I was recently given the opportunity to get my hands on a Nintendo Switch to sample this wonderful delight of a game.   In Slime-San you play as a little ball of slime that has been swallowed. You must make your way through a digestive track and escape before you are destroyed by an ever-rising wall of stomach acid and other dangers found inside.  Each level has a different set of challenges that you have to use to your advantage to keep pressing forward.


Slime-San Mechanics

In the beginning you have to “slime climb” and move forward along though the levels.  You quickly learn that you have a few tricks up your sleeve to help you survive. These include a dash that allows you to break through small chunks and the ability to phase to pass through objects.  You also have the ability to slow time down to help navigate some obstacles which would otherwise seem impossible to pass by.

Each micro-level and section does have a surprisingly quick time limit keeping you from sitting and staring at the layout of the level.  Wait too long, and the stomach acid rises; if you get caught, you have to start the level over again. I love this, because it forces you to keep moving and think of a solution on the fly.  Dying is a very common occurrence, and the game developers know this. Each level actually tracks the number of times you die.  The boss fights also provide an interesting challenge due to the level throwing multiple obstacles at you. Falling acid, small parasites, and disappearing platforms impede your progress as you try to figure out how to defeat the mini-boss.  

There are even some hidden areas in the game that take you on an alternate path, if you are clever enough to figure out how to get there.  Every once in a great while there are room that have no dangers, but NPC’s offer hints about where something may be hidden.



I will say though my favorite thing about Slime-San is the soundtrack.  It has a quirky little chip tune soundtrack that is catchy with retro flair.  At times, the music is very driving, pressing you to move faster without realize it. At other points, it slows down with just enough of a solid rhythm to keep your head in the game.  Also, it looks amazing, considering it only uses a five-color palette.


Overall, I love this game. It’s a solid platformer that I plan to keep enjoying for quite a while.  With that being said, this game does have a little bit of a learning curve. Be forewarned, it’s by no means a pushover in terms of difficulty.  I would recommend it to anyone who loves games like “Super Meat Boy” or even “Thomas was Alone”.