The Gaming Outsider Has New Art!

The crew at The Gaming Outsider is extremely excited to announce that we’re refreshed our art and album cover for The Gaming Outsider and it’s podcast!

Starting out over two years ago, we came up with a concept of having our logo represent a microphone that looks like a video game controller. While the idea was fun and served us well, the microphone imagery is pretty cliche for a podcast. Plus, the logo was thrown together quickly in order for us to get started and we’re still using it two years later. We felt that our brand was in dying need of a refresh.

Scott, Josh and Zach partnered with the creator of our old logo, Nate Lucas and a friend of the show and very talented artist, Dustin Baker, to create a new concept. The idea was to have the three of us drawn as cartoon caricatures dressed as our favorite video game characters. Obviously, Scott wanted to represented as Link from The Legend of Zelda series. Josh wanted to be dressed as a hunter from Bloodborne and Zach as the Terran leader Jim Raynor from StarCraft.

Combined, the three would be added into a shield crest with 8-bit hearts as an insignia for The Gaming Outsider. This art would not only be represented on our website, but mainly as our official new cover art for the pocast. The concept would make our show stand out more in the crowded spaces of iTunes’ Games & Hobbies category while also giving us more of an identity. We are really excited to finally share the results with you.

Here is each individual drawing for the three of us:

Also, here’s our official new logo and album art for the show:

Big shout out to Dustin Baker for the awesome art! Check out his Deviant Art page below. We hope you guys dig the new art!



Josh Faulkner

Josh is a native Ohio-an who grew up in a small town that had very little for kids to do. As a result, Josh picked up video games at a very young age. Video games played a huge part in his childhood and continued to do so in his adult life. Starting out on an Atari 2600 when he was 3 years old, gaming has sort of grown up alongside with Josh and continues to be his biggest hobby. As an IT technician by day, Josh is an aspiring gaming writer by night who founded a few websites including 16 Bit Heroes and Too Busy Gaming, while also dabbling in retro gaming YouTube videos and live streaming events.