Games That Aren’t For Us – The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct Now Available on Patreon

Each month, we play a notoriously bad game recommended by our Patreon subscribers to ask the ultimate question: is it as bad as everyone says? This month we play The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct for the Xbox 360. Scott and Josh run through as much of the game as they can stomach and describe their experience. Does the game deserve the reputation it has earned or is it a hidden gem? Head over to our Patreon page and consider helping out The Gaming Outsider to find out. For as little as $3 a month, you will gain access to every piece of bonus content we create, along with early access to interviews, special episodes and upcoming contests.


Josh Faulkner

Josh is a native Ohio-an who grew up in a small town that had very little for kids to do. As a result, Josh picked up video games at a very young age. Video games played a huge part in his childhood and continued to do so in his adult life. Starting out on an Atari 2600 when he was 3 years old, gaming has sort of grown up alongside with Josh and continues to be his biggest hobby. As an IT technician by day, Josh is an aspiring gaming writer by night who founded a few websites including 16 Bit Heroes and Too Busy Gaming, while also dabbling in retro gaming YouTube videos and live streaming events.