343 Industries Creates Touching Tribute to Halo Fan’s Departed Daughters

Microsoft’s current Halo team and developer of Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians, 343 Industries, has just performed an extremely cool act of kindness to one Halo fan who’s going through a rough spell at the moment. A Halo superfan by the name of Adam and his wife Rebecca lost their two young daughters last month in an electrical accident that occurred in their home. The community flocked to Adam and his wife to support the family during this horrifically tragic moment in their lives. The team at 343 Industries caught wind of the situation and decided to help Adam by memorializing his daughters within Halo 5: Guardians.

A downloadable pack has released for Halo 5 titled “Spartans Never Walk Alone” that includes a profile emblem named True Light that includes a starry sky and the initials of both daughters twinkling in the distance. The cool thing about this emblem is that players logging into Halo 5’s multiplayer will find the majority of the community sporting this emblem to help celebrate the lives of Adam’s daughters. How cool is it that a community has come together to support one of their own?

In addition to the downloadable emblem, the newest Halo 5 multiplayer map titled Torque will take place at night. If players look into the night sky, the names of both daughters will be displayed in a series of stars in the sky. Ultimately, 343 Industries is allowing this Halo fan to remember and immortalize his daughters within his favorite video game. Another reason why the video game industry can be pretty amazing.

Read the official announcement from Bungie themselves by clicking the link below. Download the pack now and show Adam and his family some support by playing some Halo 5 online this week while equipping the emblem.

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Josh Faulkner

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