Master X Master (MXM) | First Look

Master X Master (MXM for Short) is the newest game by NC Soft, that is out now, as it attempts to penetrate the MOBA realm. However, it does so with a unique twist as it tries to add new mechanics and game modes to the genre. I was able to go hands on with it during E3, and as someone who enjoys games like Diablo or League of Legends, this game was right up my alley.

MXM is a game that is trying to be its own hybrid creation. It takes concepts from all types of top down games, and it offers the player an opportunity to play it any way they like. NC Soft offers you the ability to play a traditional MOBA type with 5v5, you can play 3v3 in a battle mode, or you can go with a the more Diablo type and join up with a friend to battle enemies and search for loot. Each mode that I was able to participate in offered a balanced and fun experience that made me want to keep playing over and over again.

Each mode has you choose two champions from their robust roster. I found it fun to see a few famililar faces from the Guild Wars series as I was an avid fan for a time. They have you choose two characters because of their unique mechanic that allows you to switch between either character at any time. But, it’s not some gimmick to extend your game time in the map; it actually forces you to use strategy as you maneuver through enemies.

For the runs that I made, I went with a combat focused hero and a support character. While jarring at first, I really enjoyed switching between both, and I liked having a safety net for when my character was about to die because the character that is put away will regain health.

The gameplay follows the same format as many game types before it. You use the keys on the keyboard to direct your character, and you use the mouse to unload your attacks. You also have spells and abilities that can be tied to other keys, so it doesn’t really change from what I had seen before. But honestly, it didn’t need to.

The powers and skills were unique and the some of the animations are fantastic. There’s one character that is built like a blob of jelly who wraps himself around enemies to slow them down. While the gameplay execution isn’t revolutionary, it doesn’t need to be while the abilities they offer are really enjoyable to watch on the screen.

MXM is something that I had never heard of before, but it left a long lasting impression afterwards. The MOBA genre has become tired, and NC Soft brings something new to the table via multiple game modes and it’s new game play mechanic which offers a new level of strategy to how you play. I’m excited to play more of this game and talk about it more in the future. The game is available now on PC, so you should go download it and give it a try.

Check out the launch trailer below.


Robby Steltenpohl

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