Pure Farming 18 | First Impressions

Polish developer and publisher Techland unveiled their latest game in the farming genre at this year’s E3. “Pure Farming 18” releases early 2018 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. While we didn’t get a chance to see any gameplay just yet, the details look very promising. It’s clearly making its mark and standing against the competition.


“Pure Farming 18” offers a wife variety of possibilities in terms of locations to farm and the crops that you are able to grow and harvest. The locations include the United States, Columbia, Chile, Japan, and Germany. Each location has specific crops available at your disposal; these crops included cereal/grains, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, and even livestock.


“Pure Farming 18” Game Modes

One of the more intriguing aspects of “Pure Farming 18” is its variety of game modes that offer a positive gaming experience for veterans of the genre or for newbies. The first mode is “Free Farming”, which acts a the game’s campaign. This is very much a sandbox experience, allowing the player to farm to their heart’s content from season to season. “Farming Challenges” is the second mode, and it offers a shorter experiences for players who would rather have gameplay sessions that last an hour. Finally, “My First Farm” is a mode that is designed for first-timers. It teaches the player the mechanics of the game as they go through their first experience playing a farming simulator. These various gameplay styles offer something for everyone.


To be perfectly honest, the closest any of our team has come to playing a farming simulator game are the “Harvest Moon” series of “Stardew Valley”. However, after seeing this presentation, we found ourselves interested to see how the mechanics of “Pure Farming 18” works. We’ll be keeping our eye out for this one when it releases next year. Keep it locked to The Gaming Outsider for more details as we get them. In the mean time, you can watch the latest trailer for the game below or hear our discussion during our Day 4 Recap of E3.


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